Why Get this Course?

Hurdles while studying DynamoDB

  • Where to begin?

    DynamoDB is really a interesting piece of tech in serverless world. But, studying it can be a daunting task and can also lead to many rabbit holes of article, blogs, etc as there isn't any specific one stop solution to know everything about DynamoDB.

  • Confused by the Jargons?

    Are you someone who's confused with all the terminologies used around DynamoDB and find it hard to make complete sense around it? Partitioning, Keys, LSI, GSI, WCU, RCU, Access Patterns, etc?

  • Stuck in Data Modelling?

    Everything in the DynamoDB depends on how you model your data correctly. Getting it right and fitting it according to your application needs is trivial.

About myself

I'm a self-taught Web Developer and do come from a background of MERN stack. Back in 2020, I gave myself a challenge to learn AWS serverless. While transitioning to learn serverless stuff like Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, etc.

I thought I could easily pick it up in just 1-2 months and there will be tons of material to help me speed my learning process. To my surprise, there was nothing like it and AWS docs are itself pretty bad.

It took me around 1 year to get the gist of how serverless was actually working and especially majority of my time went in understanding how to use DynamoDB as even today itself there's isn't any course that answer all of your queries and problem and DynamoDB.

And with this course, I'm exactly trying to solve that problem. This will be not only a course but also a journey how I experienced it and what took me a year to learn, you could learn in just few days.

Rahul Ahire

Self taught Dev, AWS Certified Solutions Architect

What's in this course?

    1. Welcome to this course

    1. Before you proceed...

    2. A short Intro to this module

    3. History of Databases

    4. Problems with SQL and why we need NoSQL

    5. CAP theorem

    6. Dynamo Paper

    7. Basics of Entity Relationship Model

    8. References

    1. What is DynamoDB?

    2. Instances, Managed services, Serverless

    3. How DynamoDB works internally

    4. Throughput in DynamoDB - WCU and RCU

    5. Pricing structure in DynamoDB

    6. References

    1. Introduction

    2. Creating DynamoDB Table in Web Console

    3. Keys in DynamoDB

    4. Query vs Scan

    5. Secondary Index - LSI & GSI

    6. Documentation and setting up Credentials

    7. References

    1. Create Table with JavaScript SDK

    2. Upload Item with SDK

    3. Attributes and Projection Expression

    4. Reserved Keywords and Expression Attribute Name

    5. More examples - Expression Attribute Name

    6. Condition Expression

    7. References

    8. Updating and Filtering

    1. Limits in DynamoDB

    2. Filtering Strategies

    3. How to model Spotify in DynamoDB?

    4. Modelling Youtube Comment Box

    5. Single Table Design - use it or avoid it?

    6. References

About this course

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  • 51 lessons
  • 5.5 hours of video content

Perks of joining this course

  • You get 30 days no question asked money back guarantee as standard

  • Pay once, get lifetime access with regular updates

  • This course will continue to grow as it'll receive regular updates based on user's feedback and suggestion

  • Private Discord server for doubt solving and interaction

  • Practical demo with NodeJS and much more

  • Customised modules on bulk license

Still not convinced?

Take a free one on one consultation over zoom/meet to see if this course is real deal for you. Or else, If you have any additional question regarding this course or facing any trouble to buy this course, then please email me here [email protected]. I'll respond back within 1-2 hour or you can also reach me directly on linkedIn.


  • What are Pre-requisites for this course?

    Understanding about any programming language and basic information on AWS serverless would be fine.

  • Which Programming language is being used in this course?

    As such this course is mainly focused on DynamoDB, JavaScript is being used to test all the API's in SDK.

  • Will I get refund if I don't like this course?

    There is 30 day money back guarantee period. If you don't like the course just email me at [email protected] within first 30 days from purchasing the course and you'll get your money back.

  • What if I can't afford this course?

    I can understand if you're a student, you may find it expensive as per your native currency or you may be distress and want to learn DynamoDB. Whatever might be your difficultly, just explain me your situation at [email protected] and we can figure out on what to do.